A Few Good Posts

I’ve decided that for the two visitors a day I get, I might as well pass on some good info. I’m not very good at communicating anything original, so what I’m going to do is start posting a few good posts that I’ve seen over the past few days. Here’s volume 1 in no particular order:

Thesis Theme Ad Targeting Tutorial – Rae did a great, detailed post on how to target ads to specific pages & categories when using the Thesis Theme for WordPress. I will soon be moving my site to that theme.

Everything I Know About Business I Learned From Poker
– Good tips from the guys that run Zappos.com

25 Resources to Get You Started with PHP from Scratch – Pretty good reference for someone wanting to get started writing their own code. If I had something like this back when I was learning php, I’d probably be alot better at it than I am now.

40+ Useful Cheat Sheets for Designers – I love design…I just suck at it. There are some pretty good cheat sheets in this list for more than just web designers. You can almost always learn something from a cheat sheet.


  1. Hey, thanks for mentioning my php article on NETTUTS 🙂 I appreciate it.