Sadie’s First Step

She’s not walking yet, but she did take a step…

Carissa Faceplant

My niece makes a grand entrance…

Supplemental Index tag gone..?

OK…so, I’m not sure what I think about this, but I guess Google completely wiped out their supplemental index tag from showing.

WebmasterWorld Thread

Google Supplemental Index Query Change

In case any of the 2 or 3 people who read this blog are wondering, there seems to be a change or at least a temporary glitch in searching for the pages of a site that show up in Google’s supplemental index. A few people seem to have found an alternative method of doing this search –

Old query – *** -view

Alternative – site:

In the few sites I’ve tested this on, the trailing ampersand seems to work, but who knows for how long and it’s always possible that it’s limited to only a subset of true results.

Why should you care about this query? If you compare a regular site: search with one for only supplemental results and 90% of your site is in the supplemental index, you have a problem with your site.

More on Google and Buying Links

Seems that Google might have a pretty big backlash in progress over this one. Telling people how they’re going to run their site and control the equity of those sites is unacceptable –

More on SEO Class

Google Should Stop Trying to Make Their Own Rules for Marketing

In an effort to combat spam, Matt Cutts is coming up with more warnings about paid links. I think they’re starting to realize they are fighting a losing battle and they’re trying to do anything they can to control links. Michael Gray seems to think that maybe Google is out of touch with reality. I agree.

Paid advertising should be allowed to exist in any form for any purpose. If a company can afford paid advertising and continue to afford that advertising, they are most likely doing something right. If they are doing something right, shouldn’t a paid link on an authority site count as a vote toward the quality of the site?

Is the Internet Getting Too Out of Hand?

I don’t normally write much here, but I have to get this off my chest…I’ve been seeing a ton of noise and downright stupid things lately. This is what happens when people cross a marketplace/business center with their personal lives.

Over at Creating Passionate Users, Kathy Sierra has posted some information about the nightmare of a situation that she’s going through. It’s insane. For someone to think that it’s anywhere near acceptable to threaten or even joke in this manner is stupid. If you wouldn’t say or do something when looking a person face to face, it shouldn’t be said to them online. Rob Scoble is taking the week off from blogging as a method of protesting what is going on with Kathy. He’s even boycotting Digg over the abusive comments that are happening over there. It’s good to see some high profile people starting to see a problem and standing up against it.

Social sites such as Digg are becoming a big, open sore. On one side, there’s the “Digg Mob” – a bunch of opinionated people with nothing better in their life to do than bury stories that don’t match their political or moral beliefs. Then, you have the people who, in my opinion, abuse Digg by posting any and every story that they create in hopes to land a few readers and/or links. I’m not saying that either side is necessarily wrong or right to be doing what they’re doing. The problem I have with it is that the whole environment there is becoming worthless. There are thousands of “10 things” and “How To” articles written by people that just reword what they’ve read on other blogs and/or forums. A large majority of those are written to be link bait. Are people becoming so lazy and dumb that they think those pages are really valuable? I admit, some of them are good, but most are junk. Right now, this page is #1 in the “Top 10 in All Topics”. What value is there in that? That blog is probably someone who has figured out how to either game Digg or is a part of the Digg Mob. Check out the comments on there. It’s completely out of control. This kind of crap is happening all over the place online right now.

People get behind a keyboard and automatically feel like they’re entitled to start flaming people, talking dirty, and causing trouble. If they are on a forum or somewhere that a little humor and trash talking is acceptable, that’s fine. When the immaturity carries over to sites conducting business, whether directly or indirectly, the quality of everything goes downhill. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I still believe that business is business and there is no place in business for people who can’t play nice with others and stay neutral. You don’t talk politics, sex, or attack others in an office environment. It shouldn’t happen online. The environment of the internet has become way too laid back IMO. People send business correspondence with all kinds of grammar and spelling errors. Is it out of control? Are people becoming careless, lazy, and disrespectful?

Need to Start Writing More

I really need to start writing more on this blog. I think I have alot of good information and ideas built up in this thick skull of mine and I need to get them out in some form. I can’t decide which way to go with the site…focused on personal stuff or start throwing out ideas I have on websites, marketing, etc. I guess I can pretty much do whatever I want since it’s my blog and I’m not out to change the world with it…yet. 🙂

Amen to this

I’ve always wondered why I get so irritated at fans of Chicago teams…I think Mike hit the nail on the head – Chicago Fans Suck

Photos of Baby Sadie

Sadie and Mommy are doing great. Photos have been posted here:

We may be coming home on Sunday, but definately by Monday.