New House, Old House, Busy Month

Other than a few minor issues, the new house is coming along nicely. The estimated completion is the end of February.


We’re going to be doing tile in our current house this weekend and hopefully new carpet will go in next week. Once those are done, we will be ready to get it sold. Not sure where we’ll move after that. I want to get a rental house until at least a month after completion of the new house so that we can put new flooring in. We didn’t upgrade any of the flooring from the builder because they wanted a rediculous amount of money for the upgrades. They also didn’t have bamboo flooring, which Christie and I are leaning towards for the hard surfaces in the house. Originally I wanted 24″ travertine, but after looking into bamboo and seeing some samples at Home Depot, I’ve decided that it is a great look.

I’ll be in Vegas next week for PubCon. It’ll be a great time. Sean, Chris and Nick from BootsnAll will be there and they’ll be bringing Ioan with them. Should make for a wild week.

We’ll be in Tucson at the end of the following week for a wedding and some relaxation. I’ll also be going to Portland for the BootsnAll Party.

Out of shape? What an understatement.

Went to the gym this morning to have a test that determines my aerobic threshold and how well my metabolism works. Basically, I burn as much fat sitting on my ass as I do running on a treadmill. How is that possible, you ask. Well…my body doesn’t really burn any fat while I’m running. Seriously. Sucks to be me. I’ll be changing my diet and exercise habits immediately. No more Coke, cutting down on the beer, and lots of veggies for me. We’ll see how long it lasts…hopefully I can stick with it. Over the past week, my weight has climbed from 244 to 250…the wrong direction…and I’ve even been good about going to the gym this week. So…let’s start the countdown…gotta get under 220.

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers

This is some crazy shit. Makes you wonder how many other seemingly benign products could have some kind of tracking built in.

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers

We’re Pretty Dumb Here in Arizona

Arizona ranks 48th in the nation for the “Smartest State”. This doesn’t surprise me. Nor does it surprise me that Nevada and New Mexico rank 49th and 50th. I was able to manage a near perfect GPA through school…classes were too easy…and I was in one of the supposedly better school districts. It doesn’t help that these three states are growing at a rate that seems to be outpacing the educational system. Most of the top states are in the northeast and have educational systems that have been in place for a really long time. Not sure how Montana ended up 10th, but maybe I’ll move there. Big open spaces and beautiful views.

Maybe Google will come to town and bring some money into the educational system here.

Driving in Phoenix

My mom sent me this. Anyone who drives in Phoenix on a regular basis should agree with these:

How to Drive in Phoenix:

The morning rush hour is from 5:00am to 10:00am. The evening rush hour is from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Friday’s rush hour starts on Thursday morning.

The minimum acceptable speed on all freeways I-10, I-17, U.S. 60, Loop 202 — is 85 mph. You may only exceed that speed on Loop 101, where the speed is allowed to match the highway number. Anything less is considered wussy.

Forget the traffic rules you learned elsewhere. Phoenix has its own version of traffic rules. Cars/trucks with the loudest muffler go next at a four-way stop. The truck with the biggest tires go after that.
Note: East Valley, SUV-driving, cell phone-talking moms ALWAYS have the right of way.

If you actually stop at a yellow light, you will be rear ended, cussed out and possibly shot.

Construction is a permanent fixture in Phoenix. Detour barrels are moved around during the middle of the night to make the next day’s driving a bit more exciting.

Watch carefully for road hazards such as dogs, barrels, cones, horses, shredded tires, snakes, rabbits, crows, vultures, javelinas, roadrunners, and the coyotes feeding on any of these items.

You must know that “Maricopa Freeway, Papago Freeway and the I-10” are all the same road.

To find anything in Phoenix, it is required to know where Central and Washington are. This is our Alpha and Omega-the Beginning and the End.

If someone actually has their turn signal on, wave them to the shoulder immediately to let them know it has been “accidentally activated.”

If you are in the left lane, and only driving 70 in a 55-65 mph zone, you are considered a road hazard and will be “flipped off” accordingly.

Ground clearance of at least 12 inches is recommended for city driving.

You are allowed to wear potholders to protect your hands and fingers during the summer.

Pissed Off Lately

I’ve been rather pissed off at alot of things lately and it’s really starting to piss me off. The biggest irritation I have had for the past couple of weeks is that I’m finally getting to a point in life where I really appreciate things; friends, family, lifestyle, etc. Had I not been a such a shithead as a kid, maybe I could have started appreciating things earlier and made better use of what I have been blessed with. Instead, I tried to avoid spending time with family, made very few friends, and thought I needed more money to be happy.

I think it’s stupid that during the time of our life that we have the most freedom to do what we want, we don’t understand the value of that freedom in relation to the things that really matter. Once we understand the value of that freedom, we don’t have much time to take advantage of it…and when we get old and have more time to take advantage of it, physical limitations and health issues can screw up the ability to enjoy the freedom.

Another thing I have been pissed off about is my lack of discipline when it comes to exercise and eating properly. At the beginning of the year, I went 3 months eating well and going to the gym 5 days/week…lost 20 pounds and was feeling great. Since then it has dwindled to not really going to the gym, eating shitty, and now being pissed off about it. I want to lose more weight. I can lose more weight. I just have to get off my ass and out of the office/house and do something. I was hoping that I would get some time to go backpacking or something soon to have something enjoyable to do for exercise.

Yesterday I came to the realization that I really need to find some kind of recreational sport to do on a regular basis. It can’t be softball…unless it’s a team that actually wants to be competetive. I don’t deal well with playing for fun, but I NEED to compete in something. Last year, I set a goal to get back in shape and compete in a triathlon that was here in December. That didn’t happen. One of the reasons for the 3 months of going to the gym at the beginning of the year was to get in shape for a triathlon this year. It’s not looking very promising for that one either.

The only thing that hasn’t been pissing me off lately is my motorcycle. I used to swear that I would never ride a motorcycle on the streets around here. A couple of friends talked me into taking a ride last year. We rode out away from town and I loved it. Earlier this month I finally bought a motorcycle. It’s a great way to relieve stress.

Kerry’s Yale Grades Similar to Bush’s

Here’s some humor for you.

There are alot of democrats out there that make fun of President Bush. I hear alot of them saying that he’s a dumbass, blah, blah, blah…

Now that the election is several months behind us, John Kerry has finally decided to allow the release of his college transcripts. They show that he actually averaged one point lower than President Bush during his education at Yale. Apparently he didn’t want to be considered less intelligent than the “dumbass” that the democrats were poking fun of.

Kerry’s Yale Grades Similar to Bush’s

Blogging From PDX

Figured I’d try out the free wireless here at PDX while I’m killing time. Sean raves about it all the time, and it does kick ass. Flight leaves in about an hour and I’ll be home tonight around 10:30. It’s been a great trip. I was able to have dinner with Chris and Matt from BootsnAll last night and lunch today with Court and Matt.

Freakin’ Star Wars Nerds

Some people need to get a life. I cannot believe that people would intentionally waste 46 days of their lives sitting in front of a theatre waiting for a movie that will last less than 3 hours. What’s worse is that it sounds like these fools are lined up at the wrong theatre:

Inside Move: Fanatics laying it on the line – ‘Star Wars’ fans stew in queue

Slowly Recovering

This past weekend was alot of fun with Chris and Sean from BootsnAll around. Baseball Thursday, work and a wedding on Friday, and hiking in the Superstition Mountains Saturday about wore me out. I’m not used to having fun things to do. It’s very inspirational to have Sean around getting excited about everything. I had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Jen Leo. Christie spent a good hour with her telling her my life story…and almost blew my cover of being a jackass.