My Blog Sucks

I need to do something about the design…it seemed cool at the time, but now I hate it. Maybe I’ll try to do something about it one of these weekends.

Google Supplemental Index Query Change

In case any of the 2 or 3 people who read this blog are wondering, there seems to be a change or at least a temporary glitch in searching for the pages of a site that show up in Google’s supplemental index. A few people seem to have found an alternative method of doing this search –

Old query – *** -view

Alternative – site:

In the few sites I’ve tested this on, the trailing ampersand seems to work, but who knows for how long and it’s always possible that it’s limited to only a subset of true results.

Why should you care about this query? If you compare a regular site: search with one for only supplemental results and 90% of your site is in the supplemental index, you have a problem with your site.