It’s becoming a Mac world

I’m sitting here at the airport in Colorado Springs waiting for my flight back to Phoenix. Looking around, no less than half of the laptops in use in this area near gate 3 are MacBook Pros. Many of the users are older, and most likely business travelers. It’s nice to see so many people making the switch. I even see two old guys with gray hair and beards reading Macworld magazine…

Transmit Rules

I really enjoy some of the Mac-only software that I use on my laptop. For some reason,Transmit has been fun to use since the first time I downloaded it. I know that it’s *just* an FTP program for most people, but it’s probably the best $30 I’ve ever spent on software. On my desktop, I use WinSCP, which is nice, but does not compare to the elegance of Transmit.

I opened it tonight and was prompted to download their latest version, 3.6. Upon checking out what the update includes, I see that it now supports accessing my Amazon S3 account. I use S3 as an additional layer of backup for my photos, music, and other data. So far, it hasn’t been as smooth as I would prefer, but JungleDisk has at least done a decent job of allowing access to S3. Now that I have access through Transmit, I think I’ll be uninstalling JungleDisk 🙂

I’m really tempted to try Coda, Panic’s web development tool. Check out their site too…pretty good, clean interface (Homepage could use a little better indication of what each icon is for, but the section for each app is nearly perfect IMO).