Finished The Marathon

Somehow I managed to finish the Rock n’ Roll marathon in San Diego yesterday. 26.2 miles in 6 hours and 44 minutes (official chip time 6:44:06). That’s not a fast time, but I’m happy that I actually finished this one. Overall, I was 14470 out of 15771 that finished the 26.2 miles – supposedly 22000+ people started it. I ran the first half in 3 hours and then hit a wall at about mile 21 and slowed down quite a bit. Ioan finished it in 4:00:07 and Michele finished in 4:32:46, so they had to wait for me at the finish line.

I never imagined how inspiring it would be to do this marathon. There were people out there that I never would expect to even start a marathon, let alone finish. There were people crossing the finish line an hour after I had (I think they cut the rest off after that and shuttled them to the finish), barely walking, but smiles on their faces. I saw people fall hard while we were running downtown and ended up watching them come into the finishing area smiling and laughing. Michele said she even saw someone come across the line with a walker…crazy stuff.

My feet took the majority of the beating yesterday. There are some pretty huge blisters that showed up…I think they started developing about the 15 mile mark. I never cramped up and don’t really have too much muscle soreness. Tylenol 8 hour is good stuff 🙂

Michele, Ioan and I are already talking about what to do next. We’re thinking about a relay triathlon or something. I hope that we do. This was an awesome experience.

I’ll write more later and add some pics when I get home. Going to do some relaxing today.

Training for a Marathon

Somehow I have been talked into making an attempt at running a marathon with Ioan, Keith, Michele, and whoever else we can find to suffer with us. We’ve decided on the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon in San Diego, California on June 4. That’s only a few months away so I need to get going on training. Fortunately I’ve been doing cardio workouts a few times a week since October, so it’s not like I’m starting from zero.