Google Maps Needs To Update Their Data More Often

I love using Google maps. I’m a complete nerd when it comes to anything having to do with maps and satellite imagery. What drives me nuts, though, is that my house is now 2 years old and it still can’t be found on their maps and the satellite images appear to be from about 3 years ago. Google Earth isn’t any better. I know I’m complaining about something that’s free and that kind of a weak thing to do, but if you know that your product is used by millions of people to find their way around, you really need to update data as much as possible. At least has a year and a half old image of my house in their Bird’s eye and Aerial views…


  1. I agree

  2. I had to go into their system and adjust map markers the other day and it was a huge pain. Somehow they got the physical location of my client’s office completely wrong and people were driving right by it because of an incorrect marker.

  3. Google really needs to update their maps.. The aerial map that has my house on it, is taken early to late spring the year I bought my house, so that was in 2005 . Come on a map should be updated more than every 4 years, a lot of new roads, new addresses, new homes have been built in the area which there isn’t a map for. Get with it Google. and update.

  4. I agree. I recently purchased the T-Mobile 3G mytouch with Google. Considering the android market growth and its dependency on Google you would think that they would get on the ball and update these things.

    There is a business park across from where I work that was built 3 years ago and google maps still shows it as a wooded area.

    Come on google… pick it up! I hate to say it but bing maps is friggin sick! (as in awesome!)

    I cant deal with a world where microsoft is beating google!

  5. Yes google maps is crap. I was looking at macau the other day and the image was still from when they were reclaiming the land in cotai…that was 5yrs ago now there is 3 casinos and another 2 under construction! thats the problem with google they start all these new products but never really maintain anything. Lift your game google