Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

PubCon Poker TournamentI will be playing in a charity poker tournament next week in Vegas and part of the entry process is that I need to choose a charity. One charity that has really stuck out to me in the past couple years and I think does an awesome job is the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Even if you don’t agree with current wars that our country is involved in, there are thousands of soldiers and families who are impacted by them, and I know you’ll agree that they need help. IFHF assists with the rehab and medical support for soldiers who have sustained serious injuries and usually become permanently disabled. These soldiers are giving up their “normal” life to fight for our country. Some may never return home and many may never return to the life they had before going to war.

One thing that I find really important in a charity is that as much of the donations as possible should go toward what the charity supports. In the case of Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund, 100% of donations goes to support soldiers. No administrative costs are taken out of the donations, and I think that’s awesome and all charities should strive for that.


  1. Your list is looking better than mine, I think I made it to about 5 cities last year.