Adobe To Buy Macromedia

This can’t be good:

Adobe to Buy Macromedia for $3.4 Bln

I have used Macromedia products for years because I didn’t want to support Adobe. Macromedia makes a superior product when it comes to web based media. Dreamweaver is my favorite Macromedia program and I hope that Adobe doesn’t phase it out like Macromedia did with Homesite when Macromedia bought Allaire. I was a big homesite fan, but when it was phased out I had to move on. Dreamweaver is good, but consumes more resources than Homesite used to. I will admit that Adobe Photoshop is superior to any competition out there. Macromedia’s Fireworks software was decent and priced well, but could never really compete with Photoshop. Maybe I’ll just stick with outdated Macromedia products for now.