Big Talk…Little Progress

I keep coming up with things that “should” improve the development process at work. Why does it seem like the more of those things that I come up with, the less that gets done by me? Seems like there are all kinds of big ideas coming up and being implemented, but then I become the bottleneck because the processes all include having to rely on me for input or supervision. How do people get around that? I really want to hand some of this stuff over to the programmers, but they’re so damn busy that it might not get the attention it should be getting. We hired someone to handle QA and I’m hoping that he fits in where I need him. So far he’s pretty detailed about stuff…almost too detailed, but that’s what I like.

At least I can look at World Cup Blog and see how well everything can come together. We’re kicking some ass with that thanks to Bob, all of the writers, Chris and everyone at BootsnAll that has put an effort into it.