Managing Chaos with Backpack

I have been using Backpack by 37 Signals for a few weeks now. What a great tool for keeping track of alot of disorganized information. I used Basecamp for about a year, hoping that I could adapt to it. For a single user situation, I felt that it was overkill. Backpack has all of the features I need and alot that I didn’t know I needed but kick ass. When I originally signed up, there was one feature I really wanted but was missing – Recurring reminders. Thursday, they added it in. Now it really kicks ass. My favorite features are:

Recurring reminders – remind yourself to backup data, pay bills, brush your teeth

Ability to create a page for each project/idea – great for managing tasks and notes specific to each project

Email to-do’s, notes and files – Just email things to the address specific to the desired project and backpack sorts it out for you

Page sharing – You can share any of your pages with other backpack users. I have a personal to-do list setup for Christie to add things to