Transmit Rules

I really enjoy some of the Mac-only software that I use on my laptop. For some reason,Transmit has been fun to use since the first time I downloaded it. I know that it’s *just* an FTP program for most people, but it’s probably the best $30 I’ve ever spent on software. On my desktop, I use WinSCP, which is nice, but does not compare to the elegance of Transmit.

I opened it tonight and was prompted to download their latest version, 3.6. Upon checking out what the update includes, I see that it now supports accessing my Amazon S3 account. I use S3 as an additional layer of backup for my photos, music, and other data. So far, it hasn’t been as smooth as I would prefer, but JungleDisk has at least done a decent job of allowing access to S3. Now that I have access through Transmit, I think I’ll be uninstalling JungleDisk 🙂

I’m really tempted to try Coda, Panic’s web development tool. Check out their site too…pretty good, clean interface (Homepage could use a little better indication of what each icon is for, but the section for each app is nearly perfect IMO).