Baseball Dream

Yesterday was freakin’ cool. Thanks to Sean and his friend Karrie, we were able to have one of the greatest days a baseball fan could have. We started the day off with a 1:00 game between the Cubs and A’s courtesy of Dusty Baker. We had front row seats on the Cubs side of the field. When that game was over, we made plans to attend a Rangers vs. Royals game at 7:00 courtesy of Buck Showalter and family. These were great seats and we were able to hang out with the family. They seemed like nice people. His wife said she wanted to take Mackenzie home with her…hmm….freedom from the kid…sounds tempting…but only for a few hours.

More info over at Sean’s site. Hopefully more pics and info from me soon as well.

Sean got video of us singing at the Cubs game


  1. you’re killin’ me….. I’ll have to show it to one of our guys at work that is a die hard cubs fan. He’ll be in Phoenix all next week to watch srping training. He’ll just die…. fer sher