Killing Time in Venice

Just sitting here in a cafe at Marco Polo Airport in Venice checking my email and killing time. Bought 60 minutes of access for about $6.50 (depending on what the exchange rate actually is for USD to Euros). I’m waiting for Sean to get here and we’re being picked up by one of our Hostel partners.

On the way in, we flew over the Alps, which were beautiful. Here’s a pic:



  1. Thats a gorgeous shot Brian … Next time your killin’ time will you add my link mang ?

  2. Holy cow that’s a fabulous photo! I need a vaca! Now where are the pix of all the drunken revelry in Romania?! lol! Come on now…give em up!

  3. There isn’t any drunken anything going on here 🙂

    Bucharest is quite interesting…not many good photos yet…maybe tomorrow.

  4. Wow, that’s a awesome picture. Make sure to post it on whygo.