Pissed Off Lately

I’ve been rather pissed off at alot of things lately and it’s really starting to piss me off. The biggest irritation I have had for the past couple of weeks is that I’m finally getting to a point in life where I really appreciate things; friends, family, lifestyle, etc. Had I not been a such a shithead as a kid, maybe I could have started appreciating things earlier and made better use of what I have been blessed with. Instead, I tried to avoid spending time with family, made very few friends, and thought I needed more money to be happy.

I think it’s stupid that during the time of our life that we have the most freedom to do what we want, we don’t understand the value of that freedom in relation to the things that really matter. Once we understand the value of that freedom, we don’t have much time to take advantage of it…and when we get old and have more time to take advantage of it, physical limitations and health issues can screw up the ability to enjoy the freedom.

Another thing I have been pissed off about is my lack of discipline when it comes to exercise and eating properly. At the beginning of the year, I went 3 months eating well and going to the gym 5 days/week…lost 20 pounds and was feeling great. Since then it has dwindled to not really going to the gym, eating shitty, and now being pissed off about it. I want to lose more weight. I can lose more weight. I just have to get off my ass and out of the office/house and do something. I was hoping that I would get some time to go backpacking or something soon to have something enjoyable to do for exercise.

Yesterday I came to the realization that I really need to find some kind of recreational sport to do on a regular basis. It can’t be softball…unless it’s a team that actually wants to be competetive. I don’t deal well with playing for fun, but I NEED to compete in something. Last year, I set a goal to get back in shape and compete in a triathlon that was here in December. That didn’t happen. One of the reasons for the 3 months of going to the gym at the beginning of the year was to get in shape for a triathlon this year. It’s not looking very promising for that one either.

The only thing that hasn’t been pissing me off lately is my motorcycle. I used to swear that I would never ride a motorcycle on the streets around here. A couple of friends talked me into taking a ride last year. We rode out away from town and I loved it. Earlier this month I finally bought a motorcycle. It’s a great way to relieve stress.


  1. Mate,

    I hope you find some sort of excercise that can become part of your lifestyle. Sitting at a computer all day will turn us into fat arses if we don’t. Try not to stress. You’ll do it.