Riding Giants

I finally got around to watching Riding Giants tonight. It gives a pretty good history of big wave surfing. I have always been intrigued by big wave surfing, especially Mavericks. There was some cool historical footage of surfing and newer footage of Laird Hamilton and his friends surfing huge waves. I think I prefer the video quality of Step Into Liquid, but the overall information covered seemed better in Riding Giants. Both are good films to check out if you have not already seen them.


  1. Brian – come on down to Florida and I’ll take you surfing. Waves are very small, but stoke still there. Got a 9’0″ thruster and a 7’6″ as well – both great for the smaller surf in Florida (and the buoyancy dudes our weight need to get planing and catch the lil buggers).

  2. Dude…I’m in. Just gotta find time to make it. Even if it’s just for a couple of days.