Slowly Recovering

This past weekend was alot of fun with Chris and Sean from BootsnAll around. Baseball Thursday, work and a wedding on Friday, and hiking in the Superstition Mountains Saturday about wore me out. I’m not used to having fun things to do. It’s very inspirational to have Sean around getting excited about everything. I had the pleasure of meeting the infamous Jen Leo. Christie spent a good hour with her telling her my life story…and almost blew my cover of being a jackass.


  1. Good times mate – I had a blast and am missing AZ about now. Let’s plan the next trip soon. rock on to the LaFrances!

  2. Sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! Vegas was good when we last met up, but the baseball sounded even better.

    Guess you guys have some good stuff cooking – VERY glad to hear it.

    Have fun – hope to hang out with you guys again sometime later this year or next.